Qualitative methods

The qualitative methods thoroughly analyze the motivational aspect of the issues under consideration. Qualitative methods can diagnose existing problem situations as well as generate new ideas for products, advertisement, approaches and innovations.

Through the qualitative methods we offer, we can guarantee you:

  • Promptness;
  • Efficiency;
  • Ability to collect in-depth and nuanced information about the opinions and behavior of the surveyed subjects;
  • Understanding of the social and cultural context in which policies or projects are implemented.

What we offer:


Focus groups

  • Suitable for carrying out in-depth motivational research, cognitive tests, testing of concepts and projects for advertising and communication campaigns, image strategies, policy-making;
  • A specialized agency team performs precise pre-screening and selection of participants;
  • Discussions are held in groups of 8-12 people;
  • Lead by professional moderators.


In-depth interviews

  • Suitable for conducting surveys among hard-to-reach groups (business, financial sector, state institutions and international organizations and experts);
  • Performed by experienced professional interviewers;
  • The client receives audio and video recordings of the interviews.


Projective and role methods

A key feature of projective methods is the presentation of a sufficiently indefinite object, activity, situation or people that respondents should interpret, explain, or supplement. The greater the uncertainty, the more fully people project themselves in this interpretation – their implicit attitudes, prejudices, feelings, fears, and so on.

Projective techniques are used when respondents are supposed to be unable or unwilling to give accurate answers.

Such situations may arise if we are interested in:

  • Reasons and / or motivation for a certain behavior, attitude, opinion;
  • The meaning that people attach to their own and others’ actions and statements;
  • Implicit and unconscious motives and interpretations of certain events, actions, statements.