Detailed and up-to-date information that will help you make better decisions for your business.

Research that will show you how to expand your business by identifying new market niches and potential customers.



We study the market characteristics, the demand for certain products, competition comparison and who your existing and potential consumers are.


We research the market potential of launching a new product, the demand in quantity and its competitive capabilities.


We research the volume of sales and the consumers’ attitude towards the product and its advertising impact.


We research the reach, results and effectiveness of specific advertising campaigns.


We research the socioeconomic characteristics of consumers – income, marital status, family budget, as well as their motivation and behavior upon purchase. We study the consumer awareness and attitude towards a specific brand.


We find answers as to why consumers prefer one brand over another and why they behave in a certain way.


1. Client meeting

Get in touch with us through e-mail, phone or a meeting to tell us about your activities, budget, timing and specific goals that you wish to achieve.

2. Price offer

You receive a specific price offer no later than the end of the next business day.

3. Concept proposal

We prepare and send you a concept proposal that will point out the most suitable methods for conducting your research and let you know what data will be collected.

4. Research Implementation

The implementation of your research against your goals, target audience and adherence to the sociological code of ethics.

5. Data analysis

We do not simply send over the data and consider the job done – we thoroughly analyze the information and advise our customers what the reasons for the output are and what is behind the numbers.

6. Achieving your goals

Based on the research results, we will advise you of the next steps you might need to undertake. We keep communication going to make sure that you achieve your goals.


The detailed and up-to-date information on your position on the market versus the competition will allow you to build a successful business development strategy. The actual rating of the given market and users will tell you how to better target advertising costs and achieve higher efficiency.

Research data will help you when you need to expand or restructure your business, whether it’s stepping into new markets and niches, or developing new products and services.

You will have valuable feedback from your customers and information about their profile and preferences. This will help you build confidence in your products and services and will allow you to increase revenue from existing customers.

You will have an answer to one of the key questions for every company: How do we attract new customers?
We will show you the characteristics of your future consumers, examine their behavioral criteria and the ways to acquire them as loyal customers.

We do your research and help you make the best decisions for your business.

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